Hi this is Paul from Apprenticeshipblog.com. During this amazing universal holiday that is Christmas, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your continued support over 2020, which as we all know has been a challenging year.

Apprenticeship Blog has been a long journey, I think I stated it 12 years ago back in the UK as a way to try and get apprenticeship providers to talk to each other, share good practice and support the expansion of apprenticeships.

It has followed me around the world, from UK to Hong Kong and has now got nearly 9000 followers in my home country which is America.

Once again thank you so much and please take time to visit some of our partners on the site like Woz U, ACS and Olive Group to see some of the great work they are doing.

It would be wrong of me not to say, if you are a USA employer and are considering apprenticeships then give me a shout or check out TranZed Apprenticeships.

2021 looks like it’s going to be a pivotal year for apprenticeships in the USA, so keep on following and sharing our posts.

We have some exciting additional international contributors coming to the blog in 2021 too, so watch out for those.

In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas and keep the Apprenticeship Revolution rolling wherever you are!!

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