Missouri is proving itself to be one of the leading lights in the expansion and support of World Class Apprenticeships.

I had the real privilege over recent months to work with the Apprenticeships and Workforce teams in Missouri, supporting where I could to help them in their efforts to raise the bar and the profile of apprenticeships as a key strategic solution to support the skills led recover that we find ourselves in.

All of us are clearly living in a post COVID world of work, where the old ways of skills development will not be as effective as there once where.

Like the Apprenticeship team in Missouri, I believe a resilient, high quality, employer driven apprenticeship model will be vital for the future of our economy while supporting people to achieve family sustaining jobs giving employers the skills needed to build their competitiveness and security in the future.

The changes that we have had to develop through the use of technology has seen the world shrink even more. You can now be anywhere in the world and learn about how local administrations are working hard to develop and implement apprenticeships.

Missouri is one of those USA states that you will learn a lot from, no matter where in the world you are. This is why I encourage all of my fellow apprenticeship geeks, evangelist and fanatics across the world to register for the Apprenticeship Missouri Summit on the 10th of November.

You can Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ApprenticeshipMissouriSummit2020

Somehow, I managed to be invited to be part of this great event. I will be talking about the great work Missouri has been doing, and discussing making Apprenticeships Resilient through:

RE- Purpose. RE- Focus. Re- Invest. RE- Energize. RE- Organize. RE- Invent. RE- Move.

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