It was a real privilege to be part of this Expert Dialog which starts to tackle the topic of engaging employers in apprenticeships. Scaling Apprenticeship coaches have been engaging in frequent discussions with grantees on the challenges and successes of communicating, engaging, and working with employers to adopt and expand apprenticeships – both registered and unregistered – with special attention to working in the COVID-affected economy. This dialog leverages the expertise of people who have been longtime proponents of apprenticeships, and who have been in the trenches using apprenticeships as a tool to help shore up employer workforce TransAm Apprenticeship Services, Paul Champion, and Dina Igoe, Associate Director of Business Development at NIMS, the National Institute of Metal Working Skills. Interviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.

(Short Video about Open 4 Apprenticeships)


We have developed some great tools at TranZed (Open 4 Apprenticeships) to support the employer engagement process during these challenging times. It includes resources to support communication and consultation with employers and also provides a clear tool that helps employers see the direct cost / value of having apprentices in their business.

We have recently been delivering state wide training in Open 4 Apprenticeships and supporting the development planning process within workforce boards, so that they can build an effective and consistent employer engagement process to continue and expand apprenticeship.

For further information or support, or just a chat, TEXT “O4A” to (443) 653 2121 or e mail championp@tranzed.org

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