This is a very relevant article with regards to the dramatic and sometimes debilitating shortage of skills across the Tech Sector.

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One disappointing and mind blowing thing that I see time and time again, is the lack of consideration of High Quality Registered Apprenticeships, that can adapt and flex to ensure that employers have a perfect environment so that they have the skills they need during what is the 4th Industrial Revolution !

It’s in plain sight!!

There is a really easy solution, If only HR or hiring managers would look at every open open role in their business and ask themselves one simple question “I wonder if an apprentice can do this?”

We at TranZed Apprenticeships are ensuring that employers get the “on demand” skills they need linked to the vital ongoing availability of college credit and high quality, relevant curriculum.

Apprenticeships lead to the Lifelong Learning environment that is crucial for our 21 century workforce.

I have the privilege of being on a panel at this years SHRM conference in Las Vegas later this month, through the Global Apprenticeship Network, sharing the stage with Rolls Royce, Zurich and Randstad.

If you are at the conference come and hear how work based learning and apprenticeships can be part of the answer for your skills shortage. Be a revolutionary!

Comment by Paul Champion. CEO of TranZed Apprenticeship.

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