I love it every time that apprenticeships are in the news in the USA. What I’m sad about is that the USA seems to be constantly looking for the perfect model that will magically change the workforce and employers mind on apprenticeships.

Why O Why do you not just look closer to home. They is some magnificent apprenticeship programs already in existence in the USA. (Traditional and non-traditional).

Why look at models that look and sound good but are embedded in a completely different culture and historical context of workforce.

The USA needs to do what it does well “innovation” look at what an “American Apprenticeship” model can look like within its own cultural and historical context. Look at what the hard working apprenticeship providers both Union and Non-Union are doing.

Looking at the horizon sometimes means you miss the great stuff in front of your nose.





If you want to learn about some of the excellent apprenticeship work that is going on closer to home IN THE USA. Send me a message and I will point you in the right direction.


Birmingham, Ala., where youth unemployment remains high, is seeking German companies to bring job apprenticeship programs to the U.S. as an alternative to a four-year college education.
— Read on www.wsj.com/articles/looking-for-an-alternative-to-college-u-s-studies-german-apprenticeships-11546095602

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