It is so Amazing that Apprenticeships 4 America was launched just a few months ago to start the debate and share good news about High Quality Registered Apprenticeships in the USA

They now have over 800 followers!

It’s been overwhelming to see all of the great news being posted from every corner of America during “National Apprenticeship Week 2018”.

Thank you so much for everyone who contributed to this great resource and important week for apprenticeships in USA

We want to support the continued growth of a“Apprenticeships4America” in years to come, so have become a key supporter and contributer to A4A. We can do this on our own, so please continue sharing the great news about apprenticeships, and send your suggestions about how we can keep the Apprenticeship Revolution moving forward.

We want to have as many outlets and opportunities to tell America about the importance and the impact Registered Apprenticeships can have, so please sign up, share and contribute to the apprenticeshipblog.

We are always looking for support, through sponsorship and content to develop the blog along with regular news and columns for us to share

Let’s keep this movement going together and keep growing apprenticeships as a force in skills development across the USA.

Thanks to and  for  their ongoing support.

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