The Different Apprenticeships

Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship Scheme

This is a learning and development programme with responsibility from day one. You will be placed in one of a number of roles and government departments throughout the UK. Current apprentices have taken on a variety of roles such as:

  • Web Operations Engineer at Department of Work and Pensions
  • Trainee Accountant at Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Policy Officer at Ministry of Defence

You’ll be working towards a level 4 higher apprenticeship qualification. The study programme is demanding and must be balanced alongside full time work. You will be fully supported in completing assignments and achieving the qualification.

After the apprenticeship you’ll be eligible to apply for the ‘in service’ Fast Stream and specific departmental talent programmes to accelerate your career.


The qualifications are challenging and require you to gather on the job evidence to demonstrate your competency, as well as studying and completing written assignments to show understanding of high level administrative and/or IT processes.

We offer Fast Track apprenticeships in 5 different frameworks. Each awards a level 4 NVQ and HNC Diploma.

  • Business Administration
  • Commercial
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital and Technology
  • Finance

Business Administration

The Business Administration framework uses an HNC and a NVQ level 4 as the cornerstones of the apprenticeship. The HNC in Business Administration provides the foundation in terms of knowledge and skills requires for the apprenticeship and your future career. The NVQ level 4 provides a way that you can demonstrate your skills and experience you have developed in your role during the apprenticeship.

You will learn core modules such as Business Strategy, Marketing and Organisational cultures which will help you in your role both now and in the future


Commercial awareness has increasingly become the top skill demanded by employers in every sector. By completing this apprenticeship candidates will develop the vital commercial awareness capability by becoming a part of the government’s commercial function. Apprentices will gain invaluable experience in the process of buying goods and services, supporting the government in transforming the way that we deliver the best quality public services, whilst securing value for tax payers’ money.

A good commercial professional will support their organisation in sourcing and negotiating the best deals on products and services, making decisions based on a solid understanding of the market and public sector procurement regulations and ultimately making sure the contract delivers.

Typical commercial roles would include; sourcing and managing the contracts for purchasing military equipment for the Ministry of Defence, sourcing and managing the best IT system to put in place across the Cabinet Office, or finding the right company to provide the maintenance of a new Prison for the Ministry of Justice.

Cyber Security

The internet and digital technologies are revolutionising our society by driving economic growth and giving people new ways to connect and co-operate with one another. While cyberspace fosters open markets and open societies, this very openness can also make us more vulnerable to those adversaries who want to steal, compromise or destroy critical data. Within the UK there is a shortage of cyber security professionals and this skill set is in great demand.

A Cyber Security professional has a passion for technology, good problem solving skills and can articulate complex issues clearly to a wide range of people, including senior management. By completing this apprenticeship, candidates will develop the fundamental skills required for Cyber Security including incident response, risk management and digital forensics. Your department or agency will give you challenging work to apply this new knowledge on-the-job and gain invaluable experience.

Digital and Technology 

The Digital and Technology apprenticeship provides an exciting opportunity for those with a passion for technology to receive intensive training in software development and web operations. When you have qualified you will be working on the largest transformation taking place in government today.

You’ll help to provide simpler, clearer and faster government information and services that are built around user needs, not the needs of government.

You’ll work in multi-disciplinary teams in an agile environment, helping give civil servants the technology they need to do their jobs effectively. You’ll design flexible, open technology, making the technology we use in our offices as good as that which we use at home. And ultimately this will help members of the public interact with Government in a modern technology environment.


Finance apprenticeships are the entry route for school leavers to join the Government Finance Profession which is made up of approximately 9,000 trainee and qualified accountants working across the Civil Service. We offer not only a well respected qualification, but also an exciting and varied career path after, with multiple routes available to gain the full qualification for those who demonstrate aptitude and potential.

You will get experience of the key financial processes such as financial accounting, budgeting, monitoring and planning. Examples roles that trainees have gone on to include: investigating the cost of infrastructure projects, helping to end child poverty through one of the largest projects in Europe, and managing the Prime Minister’s Office communications budget. These roles not only require a good level of numeracy, but also strong interpersonal skills, such as communicating and influencing.

Our apprentices are supported to undertake either a Level 4 Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) or Level 4 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification during the two years of the apprenticeship. They will then have the opportunity to enter the Finance Fast Stream to gain their full qualification. No previous financial experience or knowledge is required, however, these professional qualifications are demanding.

Operational Delivery Apprenticeship Scheme

Successful apprentices will have internationally-recognised qualifications, awarded by City & Guilds, to take with them throughout their career. They will work towards a Level 2 Award in Operational Delivery (Principles) and a Level 3 Certificate in Operational Delivery (Advanced). These qualifications – along with on-the-job experience, coaching and mentoring – will help our apprentices develop the knowledge needed for employment and career progression on the front line in different public-facing environments. 

For those who need it, our scheme also gives the option of working towards Level 2 English and Maths.

See our Public Service Operational Delivery Profession Apprenticeship Standard for more information.

Your exact role and department will depend on which location you apply for. Here are some example roles:

Here is a leaflet and posters for schools and colleges to print out and put up.

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