It may not be quite ‘mainstream’ yet, but Google Glass is still growing, both in number of users and overall popularity. The idea of having a heads up display in front of you while you move through your day brings a lot of different options – but how can we put that to use in a classroom? We’ve written a few different things on Google Glass (and other wearable technology) in the classroom, but since Google Glass is ‘officially’ buyable (it was only available to developers for awhile), we thought some additional ideas might be fun and useful. The handy infographic below offers a look at the vast capabilities of the product along with some classroom ideas that fit with those features.

Using Google Glass in The Classroom

Glass is currently available to “Explorers” (sort of like a beta testing group) for $1500, but anyone can become an explorer and buy the product (as of this writing)
The market for Glass is estimated to be about $10.5 billion yearly
It can be implemented for many different uses in education, such as:
Supplemental material for lectures
Close ups of lab work
Safe viewing at a distance
Medical training
Documentation of field trips
Virtual field trips
Student monitoring
How-to films
Record practice videos
Student presentations and performances
Learning while participating
Remote group work
Remote tutoring
Teachers capture notes
Record lectures/classes
Performance evaluations


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