Strong female engineering role models can be found throughout recent history. While historically engineering has been a male dominated profession, there have always been and will continue to be role models for young women to look up to.

Among them, Dame Caroline Haslett was a specialist electrical engineer throughout both World Wars. Born in 1895, she was the first director of the Electrical Association for Women and the first woman appointed as a companion member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). She was a pioneering advocate for women in engineering and is renowned for her strong drive to educate others, particularly women.

Verena Holmes is another female engineer who stood out among her largely male peers. A mechanical engineer and inventor, Verena’s specialties included marine, locomotive, diesel and internal combustion engines. She developed many inventions during her career at Research Engineers Ltd, holding 12 patents for medical devices and engine components. Among them, the Holmes and Wingfield pneumo-thorax apparatus for treating tuberculosis, a poppet valve for steam locomotives and rotary valves for internal combustion engines. Verena, born 1889, was the first woman elected to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


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