The Department of Business Innovation and Skills have published their clarified intervention process when colleges are in difficulties.
It sets out the role and purpose of the FE Commissioner and the FE Advisers, how the intervention process is operating in practice and how we will be communicating when and where the FE Commissioner will be intervening. The following has been clarified:
– assurances that there’s a longer review process beyond the initial two week visit;
– clarification on the process for structures and prospects appraisals and the charitable regulation of FE college;
– the information that an administered college is (in accounting terms) a nationalised college;
– confirmation that SFCs are covered by an SFC commissioner but that they don’t have to do structures and prospects appraisals.
But there are still questions:
– The relationship between the FE commissioner and Ofsted (e.g; what happens if the Commissioner says a college is improving but Ofsted has a different view?)
– Why do colleges alone have to carry out structures and prospects reviews but universities do not?
– There is no mention of bank loans, creditors and financial responsibilities including pensions.

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