Six win apprenticeships

Elaine Grundy • Published 8 Jun 2012 16:00 Mobiles Print

SIX young people have secured apprenticeships through the Trust Employability Services scheme.

Three of the group are working on the refurbishment of the old Gourock High building, which is set to become the new home of St Columba’s High, while others are working on the River Clyde Homes’ development at Larkfield.

A further six are in the process of being taken on as apprentices at Ferguson Shipbuilders.

Two of the young people at St Columba’s are training as electricians and the third is working as a plumber while there are two joiners and one electrician at the Larkfield site.

Kevin Millar, senior employment engagement worker with the trust, said: “This is good news.

“The apprentices have been taken on for their full apprenticeship. The ones at St Columba’s will do their first year and a bit at the school and then they will move to another site with the contractor.

“We are also working closely with Ferguson and they are taking on half-a-dozen apprentices this year.”

The contractors for River Clyde Homes are Cruden Building and Renewals Ltd and the company working at St Columba’s is McLaughlin & Harvey.

Alfonso Taggart, boss at McLaughlin & Harvey, said: “The apprentices have been taken on for the duration of the job at the school and then we will utilise them elsewhere.

“It is fantastic being able to help youngsters in the Inverclyde area.

“The refurbishment has only just started so they are in at a good stage to see all that is happening through all the stages.

“It is good grounding for the construction trade.”

This article appeared in Greenock Telegraph 08 Jun 12

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