Tunisia: Programme of Support to Education and Employability Under Focus at Seminar

Tunis ā€” The Programme of Support to Education, Training, Higher Education and Employability, launched in January 2011, was at the centre of a one-day co-ordination seminar of technical and financial partners held Thursday in Tunis.

The European Union-funded programme seeks to combat unemployment of graduates and make the training system more competitive.

Introducing the various axes of this programme, Mr. Zoubeir Daly, Official at the Ministry of Regional Development and Planning said it aims to develop technical and scientific teaching, reduce school failure and dropout, strengthen the use of ICTs, improve the quality of education and launch a technical Baccalaureate.

Regarding the vocational training aspect, the programme plans to establish a vocational training system which is open onto the economy, reinforce the role of regions in vocational training programmes and support partnership with companies.

As to higher education, the programme aims to develop high-employability training, diversify branches according to a participatory approach and improve the quality of education.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Moncef Ben Salem laid emphasis on the need to improve the educational system in Tunisia and adapt it to the job market’s needs.

The improvement of the educational system will be made through the reinforcement of foreign language teaching, fight against school dropout and anchoring the spirit of private initiative among young graduates, he underlined.

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