Working with Apprentices : Share our enthusiasm for “growing your own”

Share our enthusiasm for “growing your own”
June 1, 2012 by Barry Jones, EEF Apprentices and Skills Recruitment & Mentoring Officer

We’ve taken a stand at the Subcon Show where our Peter Winebloom, Sarah McQueen and I are planning to meet companies who already have apprentices and those who might be considering the advantages of having an apprentice scheme.

If you’re thinking that apprenticeship might be the way ahead for you but you’re not sure how to go about it, come and talk to us. We can give you advice about recruiting young people with the potential to develop the particular skills you need in your business. We’ll explain how to get an apprentice scheme up-and-running and we can tell you about the grants on offer as well, infact the full support EEF can give you to deliver your apprentice programme

Every year, we match employers and promising candidates who’ll develop during their apprenticeship into valuable, skilled employees able to rise further up the ladder.

We’re based at our Apprentice and Skills Training Centre in Birmingham where we have fully operational training facilities providing a real-life manufacturing environment. Engineering apprentices spend their first year with us learning the basics before they go out to their sponsor companies but we remain on hand throughout to help employers and apprentices get the most out of their scheme. We also work with local providers up and down the country to deliver a first class apprenticeship

As part of EEF, the UK manufacturers’ organisation, we’re enthusiasts for well thought-out apprenticeships that refresh manufacturing workforces and provide the skills to help companies thrive.

We hope our enthusiasm will rub-off at SubCon in June and that we’ll fire up more companies to get into growing their own fresh young talent. Hand on heart, it’s more rewarding that way.

Barry Jones, Recruitment & Selection Officer, EEF Apprentices & Skills

SubCon takes place at the NEC Birmingham from 12 to 14 June

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