Have you ever thought of a career in the media industry?

Do you have any idea how you could begin this journey?

In 2003 Channel 4 challenged these questions with a view to banishing some of the myths around media careers, and sought to launch a series of initiatives and opportunities that would reach much further into the hearts and minds of the aspirational viewing public, aiming to offer practical advice and proactive support to ambitious individuals from any background, who have what it takes to shape the media industry in the future

Our rationale at Channel 4 is to be a trail blazer; you only have to look at our programming to see evidence of our commitment to being progressive, insightful, challenging and educational. Our media industry is changing dramatically, and so are the needs of our viewers As a result a fundamental question that now fits in with values of Channel 4 is;

How can we de-mystify the current myths, and make our industry more accessible and attractive to a diverse workforce?

The plan that the 4Talent team hatched was to encourage established media companies to offer 12 month training programs which would be part sponsored by Channel 4. Since 2003 we have successfully collaborated with a number of large scale media companies, including Diverse Productions, Objective, Raw, Company Pictures (makers of Shameless), Bwark (The Inbetweeners), Fresh One (Jamie Oliver) and Endemol.

The roles are fully paid, and trainees will receive full time mentoring, training at Channel 4 and the opportunity to establish a network for themselves across the industry.

National Production Trainee Scheme 2012

Past trainees have worked in placements of up to 12 months as researchers, production co-ordinators, junior developers and assistant editors. Past successes include a trainee becoming a Director on Hollyoaks.

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