Improving the prospects of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET)

Better careers advice before and during the transition into the labour market is identified as one of the factors that could make a difference.

Almost a million 16-24-year-olds are currently NEET (1 in 7 of the age group); but their problems in getting jobs pre-dates the recession. Long-term trends in the labour market have changed the skill set required of new entrants and many have not been properly equipped to cope. The shift away from manufacturing towards service industries, for example, has meant that young people need to possess more highly-developed soft skills such as communication, team working and customer care.

The report expresses concerns about the removal of statutory careers education and the division of responsibility for careers support between schools and the National Careers Service which could allow young people at risk to fall through the gap. The paper argues that young people in the NEET cohort have very diverse needs and that more needs to be done by education and training providers to support them at the local level until they have effected a successful transition.

Download Lost in transition? The changing labour market and young people not in employment, education or training by Paul Sissons and Katy Jones. here

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