78% of Mentoring applications come from the Russel Group

Since data was released outlining a sincere rise in the number of job applications for each job we have seen a 43% rise in the quantity of information provided in online CV’s – are students aware that they need to do and show more to stand out form the crowd?
2012’s graduates seem to have wised up and taken a more proactive approach: Concern for their futures and thus interest in mentoring, work experience and internships for the younger years is apparent as currently 49% of our website database are in their first or second year of University, enabling employers to develop relationships with students of interest from the early stages. It is for this reason that we are positioning our mentoring opportunity at all years of University, and not just the graduates.
Our ‘mentoring opportunity of a lifetime’ competition, is designed to assist the student in improving their employability by enabling them to access the experience, knowledge and expertise of three unique business leaders. Mentoring can be a powerful tool of development, something that has been recognised especially by students from Russel Group Universities: with 78% of the applications, they have dominated the competition so far.
The mentoring opportunity will provide understanding and direction for the student, who will learn about different skills and experience through the different mentors during the week.
Their week will commence with Clive Banks, the former Global head of FX for one of the worlds largest banks; Clive had a budget of 1billion euros. Managing a team of over 250 senior bankers, Clive is the man to know in the city. However, also an energetic entrepreneur, Clive is an active investor in 6 businesses – among his business partners are Coldplay.
The mid-week proportion of their mentorship will take place with Oliver Dickinson. At 16 Oliver founded a marketing company; by age 17 he had 12 employees in London, Manchester and Norwich. At age 19 he invested his profits to launch Now at age 21 he has created jobs for over 20 people. He will provide insight into how to go about launching, running and growing your own business; and give the student the confidence, know-how and contacts to be an entrepreneur.
The mentorship will finish with Hitesh Mistry. A mathmatics graduate from Cambridge University, senior banker and international businessman across London, New York, Chicago and Singapore. A sucessful investor, the students day with Hitesh will open their eyes in to the cutthroat world of business. Hitesh is well known for a calm but direct management style that has taken over 20 years to develop; he’ll plan to convey this to them in a single day.
The week will be lively, exciting and eye opening. Travel and living expenses will be covered up to £500, and the week will take place in We Connect Student’s Google inspired offices in South West London. To register; the undergrad/graduate should sign-up for free and complete a professional profile before June 30th on our website: The lucky winner will be contacted by us directly after this date, and they can choose a week in Summer which best suits them.
If the momentum and quality of profiles completed persists at the level it has in the last week, we should have a great competition on our hands.

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