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Murmeln1During the Desk Research phase on current European and national policies, programmes and initiatives in the field of intergenerational learning and practice, EAGLE produced six Country Reports mapping various typologies, policies, programmes, operational models, services and experiences of intergenerational learning in the partner countries and in Europe according to a common reporting framework.

The Country Reports are based on common desk research methods, enhanced by direct contacts to external experts in the field. The EAGLE Country Reports were reviewed and validated by external experts. The EAGLE Country Reports can be obtained by clicking on the country of interest:

The work is summarised in the European EAGLE Report copy7_of_copy6_of_copy5_of_copy4_of_copy3_of_copy2_of_copy_of_PDF.jpg‘Intergenerational Learning in Europe. Policies, Programmes & Initiatives. Desk Research Synthesis Report’ focusing on the European Policy Environment, wider European Networks and the general status of intergenerational learning in six European countries i.e. effects of ageing, participation in learning, the national policy environment incl. the National Action Plans (NAPs) against Poverty and Social Exclusion . The highlights of the European report are:

  • Intergenerational practice a policy priority in UK and Germany;
  • Intergenerational practice not apparent in policy agendas in Romania, Finland, Italy and Greece;
  • Intergenerational practices well developed in UK and Germany;
  • Informal Intergenerational Exchange flourishing in Greece;
  • Intergenerational Practices not well established in Romania, Italy and Finland.
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