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As the apprenticeships are recognised as the standard for work-training, it is essential to know which level of apprenticeship is required in order to make the best choices. There are more than 100,000 employers offering Apprenticeships all over the country in about 1,200 possible job roles.

There are three levels of Apprenticeship:

1.Intermediate Level – works towards Level 2 work-based learning qualifications.

2.Advanced Level – works towards Level 3 work-based qualifications.

3. Higher Apprenticeships – works towards Level 4 work-based qualification and in some cases a Foundation Degree.

Remember that all Apprenticeships must include nationally recognized qualifications: (sometimes they are integrated)

-A Competencies Qualification (to demonstrate competence in performing the trade)

– A Technical Knowledge Qualification (to demonstrate achievement of the technical skills)

-Key Skills (Plumbing Skills, Customer Service, Maths etc.)

Choices in Education and training from age 14 to 19: (source: government website on apprenticeships)

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