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Inspiring the Future is for people at all levels (from CEOs to apprentices), from organisations of all sizes and sectors, who want to volunteer in a local school or college to help young people make better informed decisions about their future.

You can volunteer either through your employer or independently.

Give just ‘one hour a year’

It’s easy to register, and an hour once a year can make a huge difference to young people.

Find out more about Career insight talks and Enterprise talks.

Many professional bodies, membership organisations and associations have encouraged their members and associates to register.

Why volunteer in a local school or college?

Helping young people make informed choices

Many young people do not have access to adults who can help give them informal career guidance and information. They may be from a workless family for example. A one-off short talk from a volunteer can make a huge difference and help open their minds to the possibilies in the working world.

Young people are a receptive, enthusiastic and inquisitive audience; they may well ask unexpected questions. Volunteering in education offers unique benefits for those taking part, such as:

  • Getting young people interested in your job, profession or sector can help develop the talent pool and ensure a skilled workforce in the future.
  • Going into schools and colleges can help dispel myths about jobs and professions, and importantly, ensure that young people have a realistic view of the world of work and the routes into it.
  • It helps employers who have recruitment shortages and struggle to find the right set of skills, attitudes and interests.

Building your local community links

Volunteering in education helps to build community links between local employers, schools and colleges. Young people tell their parents and friends about local employers whose reputation is enhanced in the community.

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