Crumlin Integrated College pupils and parents oppose Dr Annabel Scott’s return

6 June 2012 Last updated at 13:49

Protesters at Crumlin Integrated CollegeParents and pupils gathered at the gates of Crumlin Integrated College for the protest

A protest has been held at the gates of a County Antrim school over the return of its principal, who had been suspended for two years.

Dr Annabel Scott was suspended from Crumlin Integrated College following a damning inspection report.

Parents and pupils gathered to voice their opposition to her return.

The North Eastern board said Dr Scott had undergone an “intensive training programme to address the performance issues highlighted by the inspection”.

One parent, Sylvia Darragh, said they felt they had to protest because the inspection’s findings were “so severe”.

“It was rated ‘unsatisfactory’, which is the lowest rating the Education and Training Inspectorate can give a school,” she said.

“Because of the abysmal job Dr Scott did originally, we feel she’s not fit to come back to the school and we don’t want her in charge of our children.”

‘Challenging time’

The North Eastern Education and Library Board (NEELB) said in a statement that the school’s board of governors had agreed Dr Scott could resume her full-time duties, “and in doing, so be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate to the school and its community improved leadership of the school”.

It said Dr Scott would continue to be provided with training and support, and the Education and Training Inspectorate would examine her report “in due course”.

A spokesman said: “It is acknowledged that this is a challenging time for the staff and school community as the board of governors endeavour to meet their legal requirements in respect of supporting the principal to improve her performance.

“The North Eastern board would assure the college of its full support the coming days”

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