SMEs get bigger access to funding to hire young Apprentices

Small and medium sized organisations, that have not employed an Apprentice since April 2009, are being encouraged to recruit 16- 24 year olds with special wage grants by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS).

An organisation can recruit and apply for up to three grants of £1500. The grant, AGE 16 to 24, is available to SMEs in order to encourage the recruitment of young people as Apprentices.

These grants will be allocated on a first come first served basis, through the employer’s chosen training provider.

The NAS is committed to working closely with their strategic partners, including Association of Colleges and Association of Employment and Learning Providers, as well as colleges and training providers to deliver their ambition for AGE 16 to 24.

If you are an employer, please find more information about AGE 16 – 24 here.

If you are a partner, please find more information about AGE 16 – 24 here.

To discuss how you can be part of AGE 16 to 24 contact:Michele Roberts, Head of Apprenticeships, at michele.roberts

Tammie Howarth, Apprenticeships Development Manager, National Apprenticeship Service at tammie.howarth

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