Caterpillar Stockton set to expand

Published in Industrials on 05 Jun 2012

Caterpillar’s Stockton plant is set to expand, after planning permission was granted to add a further 2,500 square metres to its manufacturing space.

The Preston Farm Industrial Estate firm, which produces parts that are used to make construction and building equipment exported around the world, will start work on the extension to its 15,000 sq/m site next month, after its planning application was passed by Stockton Borough Council.

The extension has been funded by the Stockton facility’s American parent company, due to sustained global demand over the past 18 months. The additional space will allow the plant to increase its volumes to meet the worldwide demand for Caterpillar construction machinery built at other sites in the UK using the steel parts produced at the Stockton facility.

John Evans, facility manager at Caterpillar Stockton, said: “We have experienced sustained global demand from customers for the Caterpillar products our parts help build and this investment allows the Stockton team to grow the business and fulfil that demand.”

The investment that Caterpillars parent company is putting into the Stockton is a real vote of confidence in the skills and ability of the 400-strong team, as well as the area itself.

The Stockton facility was originally built in 1987 and has steadily increased its headcount since 2010. It is thought that the extension, which will be completed by next summer, will pave the way for additional jobs at the site.

Mr Evans added: “Time and time again, manufacturing is championed as the answer to the UK economy’s prayers, and we really do want to capitalise on that. It is fantastic that Caterpillar Inc is allowing us to fly the flag for the industry in the North East, and to continue to contribute to bringing wealth and ultimately jobs to the area.”

Councillor Bob Cook, leader of Stockton Council, said: “This is fantastic news for both the company itself and for the Stockton area and wider North East region. The fact that Caterpillar is investing in the area shows their commitment to Stockton and its workforce and that’s something that they, and the whole area can be really proud of.”

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