100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

Posted on May 15th

We’re always trying to figure out the best tools for teachers, trends in the education technology industry, and generally doing our darnedest to bring you new and exciting ways to enhance the classroom. But I wanted to take a moment to bring a wonderful list of resources to your attention.

Jane Hart of the United Kingdom’s Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies has been assembling a list of the best resources for the past five years. But these resources aren’t just randomly organized by popularity or something, the order is decided by a crowdsourced vote. What could be better than that?

I personally find the order of the tools to be pretty spot on. What do you think?

5 Most Popular Tools

  1. Twitter
  2. YouTube
  3. Google Docs / Drive
  4. Skype
  5. WordPress

5 Most Surprising Tools

  1. Yammer
  2. Voki
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Geogebra
  5. Storybird

5 Little Known Tools

  1. Knol
  2. Mahara
  3. Lino
  4. Udutu
  5. Etherpad

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