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Building a legacy
First impressions and last impressions is what everyone remembers. What last impressions will you leave in their minds? Some teachers have already checked out and have found a good 2 movies for the last 2 weeks of school and will show one a week. How sorry is that? If I want them to watch TV, they can do that at home for goodness sakes. We’re not babysitters, we’re teachers. When you get standardized tests done, you have the opportunity to do what you’ve been whining that you couldn’t do all year long: let them create, let them learn, let them laugh, give them a reason to want to come back next fall.

You can build a legacy.

Teachers who help enough students build their own legacy become legends.

If you take every year to help students, other teachers, and parents build legacy then upon that foundation you can become a legend. A good one.

Put your one foot in the future and think about how 2+ weeks can impact the life of a child. That is a very long time and a very big responsibility. It will be gone before you know it but part of being a great teacher is to never waste a moment.

Kids are a beautiful, wonderful treasure. Let’s treat our time with them as such.

For me, during the last 2 weeks of school we built efolios and personal websites. We presenting to parents and sharing online what we are doing. We are making movies and doing things to help people. We’re even undertaking a project to help end slavery.

End well
End this year well. Last year I wrote a post that continues to be one of the top posts I ever wrote called “Finding Your Beautiful Moment the Last Week of School” about this whole idea of building legacy.
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