250 best iPad apps: education

Last Updated: 7:34AM BST 30/05/2011

Here are the best learning apps for iPad users of all ages.

The iPad’s multimedia capabilities make it an ideal learning tool. Well-designed educational apps can combine text, video and audio with the iPad’s multitouch control system to create something truly engaging, whatever your age. Here are some of the best apps for learning .

1. TED (free)
The TED conference has gained a reputation for staging thought-provoking presentations by some of the world’s most renowned thinkers, leaders and artists. This free app collects more than 700 of those talks into one well-designed video app. You can browse talks by subject or choose based on how much time you have. It’s also possible to save talks to watch offline.

2. Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo and Juliet (£8.99)
Learning Shakespeare can be a challenge and it’s often useful to have a study guide to help you through. Shakespeare in Bits takes the idea of a traditional study guide further by supplementing the study notes with a three-hour animation of the play and audio featuring actors Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale.

3. British Library Treasures HD (£3.49)
Explore more than 100 highlights from the British Museum’s collections in this vast app. There are scientific documents, musical scores and plenty of multimedia. If you can’t visit the museum itself, then this is a good alternative. There’s enough here to keep you occupied for hours.

4. Virtual History Roma (£5.99)
Travel to ancient Rome with this virtual history app that contains interactive 3D recreations of buildings and monuments. There are also models of Roman soldiers and weapons as well as maps and plenty of information about Roman achievements and culture. It’s ideal not only for children who are studying Rome, but also for anyone with a casual interest.

5. Course Notes (£1.79)
Students will find this app ideal for collating and managing their course notes. The app makes it simple to organise notes by subject and class and very easy to share them with fellow students, whether by email or Facebook. Deadlines can be synchronised with your iPad calendar and the app supports AirPlay, making it easy to print your notes using a compatible printer. Specific study sheets can be added via further in-app purchases.

6. Student Pad (59p)
Described as an office suite contained in a single app, this is a really great deal for the price — and it’s not only students who will want to get their hands on it. The app will let you read PDFs and annotate them, manage your schedule and add notes and sketches to the notebook. There’s a built-in calculator which can handle some complex functions. It’s very simple to use and nicely designed. You can store your notes, timetables and documents.

Merck PTE HD (free)
If you don’t buy The Elements, this is a great free alternative.

Nota (£1.79)
Interactive app helps you learn musical notation, chords, scales, keys.

Mathboard (£2.99)
Sharpen maths skills with randomly-generated problems for tests.

Science Glossary (free)
Good for teen science students who want to pimp their knowledge.

How to Draw (free)
Learn how to draw simple objects such as cars, animals and cartoons.

UK Car Driving Theory Test (£1.79)
Prepare for your test with almost 1,000 questions.

Sound Touch (£1.79)
Help your toddler learn words and sounds with simple tap tests.

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