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Workplace mediation services across the UK are suffering due to a lack of guidance and supervision, according to mediation service providers.

CMP Resolutions have released a new report which shows that services are lacking mediators with up-to-date skill set as they are starved of upkeep.

The study suggests that without guidance after their training, the stresses of early cases can cause mediators to lose confidence in their abilities. According to the research, a way for in-house mediation services to survive is to introduce supervision.

A spokesman from the University of Bradford said: “Given the high levels of investment in our workplace mediation service, we wanted to realise its full potential.

“The supervisor role has allowed us to easily manage all of our new mediators and support them through their early cases. Thanks to the concentration on personal development we have been able to expand our service faster than expected. This, alongside a culture shift towards accepting mediation, has really benefitted our service as well as the organisation as a whole.”

The report finds that workplace mediation services are re-energised by introducing training supervisors. Organisations with mediation supervisors highlight that mediators become better as a result of coaching and support from the supervisor. The overview and insight makes sure that the service is a better one and maximises the return on investment.

Katherine Graham, managing director of CMP Resolutions, said: “Mediation is fast becoming a must have for today’s employers. But training a group of mediators doesn’t on its own result in a service which delivers a consistent and quality service.

“Supervision is the key to making sure your mediation service operates professionally and to the best of its capabilities. I am delighted at the positive uptake of our supervision and mediation services which are committed to being the best.”

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