Organisational Effectiveness

Exploring a number of themes during the day, this year’s conference will focus on cutting costs through technology, developing, provider skill sets and reducing costs through partnership working.

We have 15 interesting workshops running throughout the day which have been developed around their proven ability to deliver strong return on investment (ROI) results.

Workshops include:

Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness – delivered by Tenon Education Training and Skills. This workshop explores ways to respond to challenges within the sector and will provide a better understanding of key performance indicators organisations should monitor. It will address how these will impact on overall performance.

Social Ecommerce – delivered by Stratford-Upon- Avon College who willexplore social media and the tools and techniques available to increase ROI using new, innovative student recruitment methods.

The Ideas Bank – delivered by Shosin Group who will present the process used to deliver the ‘Ideas Bank’ including how virtual brainstorming was carried out. You’ll also get samples of the resources in the bank and how to access them.

Workshops are delivered by sector peers and industry experts and provide key information that could be applied at your organisation.

We also have some great exhibitors attending:
Microsoft; and
Smart Phone Media

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