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Active IQ, the awarding organisation of choice for the active leisure sector, has launched a new range of tailored apprenticeship options. Available now, the apprenticeship packages that Active IQ create offer apprenticeship providers the opportunity to access a bespoke and branded apprenticeship solution.

Because Active IQ is a unique, “one stop shop” Awarding Organisation (AO) for Health and Fitness apprenticeships, providers won’t have to work with different AO’s at various stages of the apprenticeship, significantly simplifying the overall qualification process.

Furthermore, Active IQ is able to offer a number of services to ensure the quality and efficiency of the apprenticeships, including expert analysis of the provider’s current delivery methods and, if required, the creation of bespoke apprenticeship strategies to support the delivery, assessment and internal quality assurance of the apprenticeship programmes. .

Suzy Gunn, Operations Director at Active IQ, commented:

“The government continues to support apprenticeships with an increased budget for funding. This clearly provides excellent opportunity for employers, employees and training providers.

However, the recent changes in funding methodology have thrown up new challenges for training providers and following the demand for more cost effective and innovative delivery methods, the Active IQ technical team has worked with apprenticeship training providers to create the new Active IQ apprenticeship packages.

“These Apprenticeship packages contain everything needed to guarantee retention, achievement and timely completion and overall success. The packages contain a prescribed learner journey which can be tailored to the specific needs of both the learner and training provider.”

She continued:

“The feedback from our training providers is extremely positive. The packages have been produced to combine years of experience in apprenticeship delivery with the highest quality learning resources. Our dedicated quality assurance team is on hand, to advise on delivery and best practice.”

The Active IQ Apprenticeship packages offer the opportunity for providers to:

  • Meet the wide variety of demands from employers accurately to ensure they have a workforce of multi-skilled employees
  • Allow learners the choice to achieve a wider skill set, therefore gaining better opportunities for employment within the sector and to achieve greater earning potential
  • Allow employers to truly mould employees’ training to better meet the needs of the health and fitness industry, address narrow skill sets and develop staff to offer a wider range of services to users
  • Meet the government’s drive to offer Apprenticeships that go beyond the “bare minimum”

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