Leading Presentation Skills Trainer, Andy Harrington Offers Three Public Speaking Novices A £50,000 Apprenticeship.

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 29 May 2012

Andy Harrington was once an average earning call centre worker, until he attended Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within” seminar. 12 years later, he is now a world renowned public speaker and

trainer with earnings of £4.2 million and has gone on to speak at the London’s o2 Arena, and has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, and Tony Robbins himself, “sharing the stage with my original mentors was a real honour” says Andy.

Going forward from his highly successful Professional Speakers Academy Course, where he privately mentored 12 people in the fail safe secrets and knowledge of public speaking and how to pitch their business to large audiences, Andy has organised a one day intensive presentation skills training day in London. The Master Speakers Intensive is set to be an extremely sought after event as tickets have been highly discounted, with the first 99 tickets being free of charge. “Being an outstanding public speaker is not some ‘gift’ that a just a ‘lucky few’ people are born with” says Andy, “At this presentation skills training day, I can prove to you that with the right guidance, anyone can master this skill. And it’s not rocket science providing someone who’s made it in the business gives you the skills.”

Paul O’Mahony, a Professional Speakers Academy Graduate recently said, “The feedback that I’ve got on both the skills and the presentation has been phenomenal. Right now I’m being invited to speak all over the world – everywhere from the UK to Australia, and everywhere in between. I can make anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 an hour purely from public speaking.”

And it’s not just Paul that has experienced the huge success from learning Andy’s specific presentation skills– many hundreds of Andy’s students are now earning many £1000’s from their speaking.

Following his Master Speakers Intensive presentation skills training day, Andy will be offering attendees the chance to apply for three speaker positions. These positions will see the successful candidates travel all around the world, delivering two hour workshops on investing and success and earning an expected £50,000 a year.

“Through my association with a well renowned investment education company I am looking for 3 people to be moulded and shaped into world-class speakers with an expected earnings of £50,000 per year”

For more information on Andy Harrington’s Master Speakers Intensive and to book your place, visit the website

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