| UK reaffirms ties with UAE in education and vocational training

DUBAI: UK Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning John Hayes, MP, was in Dubai earlier this week to reaffirm his country’s commitment to education and training standards in the UAE.

Hayes was visiting the Dubai Police Academy, which hosted a showcase event that recognised the importance of vocational training in the UAE and celebrated 5 years of close working relations with City & Guilds at the academy’s training facility in Dubai.

The delegation, which also included Major General Khamis Matar Al Mazeena, Deputy Commander-Dubai Police was given a tour of the showcase, which featured classes in conflict management, CCTV handling, search & security training, first aid, culinary training from International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) and a leadership development course through Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) at Dubai Aluminium. All the programmes offered have been developed with City & Guilds Group, which offers globally-recognised qualifications.

Speaking about the showcase, Hayes went on to say: “I was delighted to witness such an impressive demonstration of vocational and professional skills learning at the Dubai Police Academy, including the City and Guilds culinary training programme and management training from Dubal. UK institutions are playing an important role in developing such expertise in the UAE. There’s much scope to do more and I look forward to exploring further opportunities to enhance the UK-UAE partnership in this sector.”

Chris Jones, director-general of City & Guilds, said, “In the Middle East, vocational training is an important catalyst for the development and growth of the various economies as highlighted in a recent UN report on Arab development.

“The showcase of vocational programmes endorsed by John Hayes illustrates the continued support the UK and the UAE offer each other. Through this relationship, City & Guilds helps the UAE understand best practice and with the plethora of courses it offers, provides young people the skills, qualifications and experience that employer’s value.”

The Dubai Police and City & Guilds’ private security training has already produced over 24,600 qualified personnel, thus helping move towards the UAE’s vision of a ‘Safe Society’.

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