e-skills UK joins UK Digital Champion’s partnership in launching Go ON UK

Posted on: 09/05/12

Go ON UK logoe-skills UK is proud to announce that it is a partner of Go ON UK. This radical new partnership organisation, led by the UK Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox, has set itself the challenge of bringing the benefits of the Internet to individuals and organisations nationwide.

The cross-sector partnership was launched on 23 April 2012. It includes Age UK, BBC, Big Lottery Fund (BIG), E.ON, Lloyds Banking Group, Post Office, TalkTalk and e-skills UK. The partners are collaborating to make the UK a world leader in digital capability, with the social, economic and cultural benefits of the Internet available to all.

This unique partnership means that for the first time organisations as diverse as broadcasters, banks, charities and retailers are working together to bring the benefits of the Internet to every individual and every organisation in every community across the UK.

Martha Lane Fox said:

“The UK leads the world in most indicators of digital capability: the Internet contributes more to our GDP than to that of any other G20 county and is predicted to grow 11% a year to reach £221bn by 2016.

“However, many individuals and organisations still struggle to exploit the broader benefits of technology, a problem that is particularly acute for our small businesses, older people and charities that are currently at risk of being left behind.”

Karen Price, CEO e-skills UK, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Go ON UK. Every business, small and large, in every sector of the economy is reliant on technology for competitiveness and productivity. Employers need to ensure that staff have the competence and confidence in using technology to make the most of its advantages.

“e-skills UK is working with employers to ensure they can provide their staff with the training they need to achieve both the economic and social benefits of getting online.”

For more info, visit our Go ON UK page.

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