Youngsters ‘struggling’ to find work

Young people are struggling to find work.

There has been a “major” increase in the number of 16 to 24-year-olds who are leaving education and not going into employment.

Almost half a million young people are being shut out from finding their first job due to changes to the types of skills firms require, according to new research.

The Work Foundation said young people were finding it hard because the education and training system do not place enough emphasis on soft skills like communication.

As the UK economy moves from being reliant on production to services, finding employment has become increasingly difficult.

Research has shown around 450,000 young people in England have no experience of long-term paid employment beyond casual or holiday work.

Dr Paul Sissons, the report’s author, said: “A period of worklessness while young can detrimentally impact peoples’ careers over the longer term. More needs to be done to support young people at this crucial point of transition.

“This requires consistent support and effective co-ordination of services across local government, schools, employers and the third sector to prevent more young people from falling through the gaps in public provision.”

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