Redundancies announced at the Association of Colleges

The Association of Colleges (AoC) is making redundancies as part of a cost saving and “restructuring process”.

The job losses so far affect three managers, two directors and a policy coordinator.

Martin Doel, chief executive of the AoC, told FE Week: “The reality is that AoC is not immune to the financial pressures faced by the public sector and this is, in part, a response to a downturn in public sector projects. “The commercial wing of the organisation has, as a result, seen some difficult market circumstances.”

The AoC employs over 100 members of staff, as well more than 30 staff at three sister organisations located in separate regions.

This has been a difficult and upsetting time for all staff”

Mr Doel said: “It goes without saying that every member of AoC staff is highly skilled, experienced and provides, without fail, a first class service to members.

“This has been a difficult and upsetting time for all staff but we have tried to deal with it as fairly as possible and can assure member colleges they will continue to get the highest standards of service”.

The AoC has also said that an additional three posts are at risk of redundancy “through a compulsory process.”

Mr Doel said: “Unfortunately we didn’t receive all of the cost savings we needed to as part of the process and have had to identify three additional posts as being at risk of redundancy.”

Consultation with staff is currently underway, and is likely to continue until at least June 8.

It is understood that another senior member of staff at AoC will be dropping down to three days a week from the start of June.

The AoC say they will be offering all departing staff one to one careers advice, as well as job application and interview preparation through the HR Consultancy firm Connor in order to help them find new work.

“We will, of course, be offering every assistance to them through this difficult transition as valued members of the team,” Mr Doel said.

However, the organisation has also revealed they will be employing new staff as part of the company’s restructure. “In order to ensure continued strong representation AoC will be recruiting to key positions in line with the new shape of the organisation,” Mr Doel said.


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