Apprenticeships give dressage riders a leg-up

Young riders wanting to work in the dressage industry are to be given a leg-up in their career thanks a to a new apprenticeship scheme.

Building practical skills

British Dressage (BD) is working in partnership with Haddon Training to offer government funded apprenticeships for 16-24 year olds. Students will also be offered the opportunity to improve their numeracy and literacy, if required.

There has always been training available, with an approved list of dressage riders and trainers, but this new scheme formalises the system. As David Hunt, director of training at BD explained, it is hoped that these apprenticeships will benefit both students and the equestrian industry.

“We feel that these vocational qualifications are a very valuable option for young dressage riders and grooms who want to focus on building their practical skills while they work for some of the outstanding riders and trainers within the dressage industry,” he said.

“We are also very keen to support employers as they develop the skills they need within their workforce for the success of their own businesses,” he added.

Relevant qualifications

Haddon Training is a leading training provider, which was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2011. The company specialises in the equine industry and works with a number of prestigious establishments in the dressage community as well as in other disciplines.

Chris Hewlett, managing director of Haddon Training commented: “Being born out of the equine industry means we fully understand the specific need to deliver a portfolio of relevant qualifications in the work place. We are excited to be working alongside British Dressage and will be keen to work closely with employers in our mission to support the next generation and offer British Dressage members the opportunity to develop recognised skills.”

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