Prospect union to make the case for skills

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 20:37

Public and private sector professionals will this week emphasise the government’s need to boost economic growth through further investment in skills.

Between 22-24 May, five hundred delegates from the Prospect union are expected to attend Bournemouth’s International Conference Centre. The members will be voting on motions urging ministers to initiate a dynamic industrial plan, which includes measures aimed at safeguarding the country’s competence in defence skills.

Paul Noon, Prospect’s General Secretary, will use his keynote address to criticse the how the Queen’s 9 May speech did not announce measures to stimulate green or sustainable growth, or “to build the kind of highly skilled, knowledge based modern economy needed to meet the challenges we face”.

Ammunition will also be sought from Access, Prospect’s new merger partner, which will be bringing 4,000 members from various sectors in the education sphere to fight for the importance of teaching key skills to today’s youth.

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