Cloudforce: announces UK apprenticeship scheme

The Foundation has teamed up with the Skills for Growth Landmark vocational training charity to launch a new apprenticeship scheme in the UK, which aims to give young people the skills and training to be successful in the “social enterprise” industry.

Twenty candidates will be selected to join the BizAcademy Apprenticeship scheme. They will take part in a six-week intensive training programme, based on the ADM-201 course, before embarking on a two-year paid apprenticeship placement with a customer or partner.

As well as getting general business skills training, apprentices will gains hands-on experience with these companies. Isabel Kelly, international director of the Foundation, said that the apprenticeships would allow young people to develop the skills and business acumen they need for long-term future employment.

“We have worked with the Foundation for over five years, and the work done to date has been truly life-changing for many individuals,” said Paul Irving, deputy chief executive of Skills for Growth Landmark.

“At a time when youth unemployment is increasing in the UK, BizAcademy Apprenticeship is an exciting new programme that will provide many young people with the qualifications and industry knowledge to develop their careers and achieve success.”

The BizAcademy Apprenticeship scheme was announced at the Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour in London today, where also announced that it plans to add more than 750 new jobs across Europe over the next couple of years. The company is currently hiring qualified professionals in sales, marketing, IT and support functions. now has more than 20,000 customers in Europe – an increase of 32% year-over-year, which the company says is driven by the demand for social enterprise.

Social enterprise is a concept invented by, based on the idea that the social media can be used by companies to gain a competitive advantage. Many of’s products, such as Chatter and Rypple, use techniques borrowed from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to drive productivity and give employee feedback.

“Our customers are sharing their preferences, their likes, their dislikes; they’re sharing their feelings about the company, the products, their networks, who they’re connected with. If we can build all that information together, we can deliver a personalised experience; we can transform the way we work with our customers,” said George Hu, chief operating officer at, in a keynote session at Cloudforce.

“Then we can take that information and we can unlock the power of our employees, because our employees are going social, our employees are going mobile, and it starts with social collaboration. If Facebook is training nearly a billion people on this paradigm of social collaboration, we would be silly not to take advantage of it.”

People can apply for the BizAcademy Apprenticeship programme here, and apply for jobs with here.

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