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Published on Monday 21 May 2012 12:47

MORE needs to be done in Hartlepool and east Durham to make apprenticeships more relevant to jobs, say bosses at an organisation that supports workforce development.

The Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) has praised a parliamentary committee for highlighting a debate on the improvement of apprenticeships.

The Committee of Public Accounts has said that a fifth of apprenticeships last less than six weeks and are of no benefit.

The report follows a promise from the Government to place greater emphasis on longer and more comprehensive apprenticeships that better prepare people for work.

Liz Field, is Chief Executive officer of the Financial Skills Partnership – which has been awarded Government funding to develop employer-led apprenticeships in banking and insurance, creating 270 new UK vocational opportunities.

She said: “The apprenticeship is now at a stage where it must evolve to encompass the wider range of careers it can lead people into. Apprenticeships are just as applicable to white collar jobs as they are to traditional jobs associated with trades and as a result, we must take a much more contemporary view of how we create and deliver apprenticeships in Hartlepool and east Durham.

“The firm foundation of an effective apprenticeship is when they fully reflect the skills necessary to be successful in the respective industry.

“That can only take place when business concerns are voiced, listen to and taken on board when apprenticeship frameworks are developed and implemented.”


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