John Hayes MP
Minister for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
1 Victoria Street

Dear John

20 March 2012

Just a brief ‘thanks and well done’ if I may be so bold. I read with immense satisfaction your statement last week regarding the statutory imperative on schools to access, and thereby provide independent, impartial advice from properly qualified professionals for all young people.

This determination represents a real step forward regarding what has been a totally unsatisfactory fudge for far too long. Can I confirm the delight of all AELP members and indeed myself for this clear and categoric statement and commitment.

It will of course be vitally important that this requirement is delivered in practice and properly monitored, and I do hope it will be a priority issue to be automatically monitored by Ofsted.

Already I was alarmed to hear last week of a head teacher in the south west openly responding to your announcement by asserting the she would ‘subvert’ this requirement – an utterly disgraceful admission.

I have absolutely no problem with her disagreeing with this or any other policy and determining to fight for its reversal (I believe that is called democracy?).

For a head teacher to feel that subverting government policy represents an appropriate example to all the young people in her charge makes me wonder whether she is in fact ‘fit for purpose’?

I am sure you will be wanting to ensure that your most welcome decisions are robustly acted upon and enforced.
With as ever, kindest regards.

Graham Hoyle OBE Chief Executive

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