The Youth Employment UK is a national campaign to help increase the skills and work opportunities for young people throughout the UK, based in Northamptonshire the Youth Employment UK is seeing a rapid growth to its membership and supporters and is thrilled to have a Northampton business join the campaign.
The numbers of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) remains at its highest levels the long term effects of this on our economy are high in terms of financial, social and economic growth. The estimated costs of young people NEET is in excess of £10b to the economy, not only this but the emotional impact it has on the young people is significant and can affect long term job success.
“The Youth Employment UK campaign has been established to help tackle the growing youth unemployment issue in the UK.
We recognise that there is a tremendous amount of work being done to help young people, some excellent programmes and initiatives that are really making a difference. We also understand that many UK businesses have committed to supporting young people through work experience, placements, or school programmes. However, in many cases this work is not joined up, there is no central place for organisations to showcase and signpost the projects and programmes they are working on and we feel that this is a big gap and a reason why the impact of the programmes available is less than it could be.
The Youth Employment UK campaign aims to inspire UK PLC to become supporters of young people and to champion a Positive Youth Charter, as members of the campaign they will then receive support and information that will help them engage with their local communities, schools and providers. Members also get to use the Youth Employment Logo to show their support and generate some positive PR for their business. Memberships costs from £50.00 per year
Young people will benefit as they will be able to put in their postcode into the site and find a business who is a supporter of the Positive Youth Charter or a service provider who can help them within their local area; Creating greater opportunities for all young people.
Our programme is very ambitious but we have already had a number of organisations sign up and pledge their support and we hope over the coming weeks & months this will grow to allow us to make a real and sustainable difference.” Laura-Jane Rawlings Youth Employment UK
ApprenticeSupermarket offers work based training opportunities for young people in Northampton, helping them to develop the work skills local employers require. They are currently recruiting for 10 16-18 year olds who are Not in Employment, Education or Training.
Andrew Kunman of ApprenticeSupermaket said “our aim is to develop the self- belief, life skills, business skills and employability of unemployed young people through the provision of teaching the theory of business and being an effective employee, life coaching, apprenticeships in varying business areas and the gaining of qualifications with the aim of getting young people into work”.
Everybody needs to start somewhere and we are providing that opportunity, life is what you make it…….Opening Doors for New Talent.
We are very happy to support the Youth Employment UK as in our work we have seen a need for this kind of joined up thinking, as a successful business we understand the importance of supporting our next generation workforce and consumers and are be proud to be part of the Youth Employment UK campaign.”

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