Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Conference, Birmingham, September 2012

Releasing potential through educational policy,
practice and support

The Government has set out its plan to put the UK on the path to sustainable, long term economic growth, through private sector investment, enterprise and innovation. Such is the belief of the Government, that only by stimulating and encouraging enterprise, will the country move out of recession. In the current economic global climate it is vital to foster a new generation of social and commercial entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs who can add value to communities, bring innovation to existing businesses and who can create employment for themselves and others, with confidence and ambition.

The terms Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are often misused and misunderstood. This is important when considering the development, support and environment needed for these vital dynamics.

The Coalition Government wants to make this decade ‘The most entrepreneurial and dynamic in our history’. (Vince Cable, BIS) in 2010 stated “This will be achieved by challenging aspirations, embedding enterprise awareness into mainstream education and mentoring future entrepreneurs”. In addition, Mark Prisk, Business and Enterprise Minister (BIS), explained ‘We want to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs by ensuring that young people get hands-on experiences of enterprise at College and University’.

This second National one-day conference will explore where Post-16 student enterprise and entrepreneurialism is encouraged, supported and championed. The conference is intended to illuminate contemporary best practice in order to inform, enhance and promote the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship education amongst education providers in the UK, and will look at:-

  • BIS strategic priorities, policy developments and initiatives to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and boost young enterprise.
  • NACUE creation of student led enterprise societies in all universities and the majority of FE colleges and the significant impact towards developing enterprising students, graduates and Universities.
  • Gazelle Group of Colleges: building a recognisable cluster of Entrepreneurial Colleges, bringing together leaders from the public and private sector to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Introduction of the new Quality Assurance guidelines for enterprise and entrepreneurship education, (QAA).
  • Exploring the impact of informal enterprise education.

The conference will be chaired by Alison Price, Director of Educator Development at the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education and the visiting Professor of Enterprise Education at Liverpool John Moores University.

Delegates will meet leading organisations which promote and support enterprise/entrepreneurial development in the UK and attend workshops to explore the use of technologies and social media in teaching, learning and business start up in enterprise and entrepreneurship education. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of key stakeholders operating in the enterprise/entrepreneurial education space throughout the day and in the panel session.

The panel session which will close the conference will bring together key contributors to provide a series of very short presentations showcasing their key contributions made to Enterprise/Entrepreneurial Education and the support they offer to their respective educator communities.

NTRL 2012 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Conference will attract interest from:

  • Senior Leaders, Programme Managers, Lecturers, Academics and Practitioners
    working in the area of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education within FE and HE and the Private Training Sector.
  • Those supporting: extra curricula activities in those sectors and student and graduate entrepreneurs.
  • Government Departments and Public Sector Agencies.
  • Those influencing policy in the area of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education.
  • Entrepreneurs & Enterprise Directors with a specific interest in stimulating this area of development in young people.

Attendance at this conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network and share good practice and experiences.

Exhibitors Stands

The Conference will also have a number of Exhibitor Stands. Please visit the exhibitor’s page on this website for further information.

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