Reform in construction sector training –

From Mr Mark Farrar.

Sir, I would like to clarify our position in response to your article “Construction training body faces public sector spin-off” (May 1).

As the pace of change in the construction industry accelerates, CITB-ConstructionSkills needs to take action now to ensure it continues to help employers with their current and future skills and training needs. Some of our public sector obligations and the restrictions of the Industrial Training Act prevent us from doing this effectively.

We are exploring options for reform with our industry-led board, which will give the organisation freedoms and flexibilities to operate. It’s early days, but we are exploring the merits of setting up a new not-for-profit entity in the “third sector”.

At the same time it’s important that we safeguard employer investment in skills via the levy, so we are now talking to industry and government stakeholders on the best solutions to achieve this.

This is a timely discussion to ensure that the industry continues to get great value for its levy, while the organisation is put on a sustainable footing from which it can thrive and grow.

Mark Farrar, Chief Executive, CITB-ConstructionSkills, Bircham Newton, Norfolk, UK

Paul Champion
Strategic Project Manager

Mobile: 07540 704920

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