A third of graduates unemployed 6 months after graduation

A research conducted by, has revealed that a third of graduates have been looking for work for more than six months despite completing more than 100 applications. Moreover, one in four of those who applied for more than a 100 jobs were not offered a single interview. Due to the saturated labor market and high unemployment rates, the expected salary for graduates has lowered to less than than £20,000 a year.

In response to the research findings Mike Fetters, Graduate Director of stated, “Overall, the picture for graduates is tough, but there are signs of improvement. We are seeing some growth in the number of jobs available. This is little comfort, however, for those that took the advice of successive governments and invested in their education only to find themselves forced through necessity to claim the dole and fail to be invited to a single interview.”

Figures released earlier this week however revealed the UK economy has slipped back into recession may make it even more difficult for graduates to find work in the immediate future.

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