Business and schools: Building the world of work together

Business and schoolsThis report presents the key findings from the research which the UK Commission for Employment and Skills has carried out to look at the perceptions and experiences of businesses when working with schools to build the world of work into education. We have focussed on how businesses influence the design and delivery of the curriculum, provide work experience and raise awareness of careers.

Business and schools: Building the world of work together
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Published April 2012

Awareness and understanding of the world of work is integral to the delivery of education and this is best achieved through business and schools working in partnership.

Businesses have identified a number of reasons for working with schools. These include helping to close the gap between their needs and education provision, making sure enough young people are thinking about careers in their sectors, improving recruitment and as part of their commitment to the local communities in which they operate.

We have identified the key areas in which businesses are currently working with schools:

  • enriching and enhancing the delivery of education and building the world of work in general into education
  • planning and providing work experience opportunities
  • providing careers information and raising the profile of careers in a sector.

Businesses recognise that they need to work with schools to address these areas. Good practice shows that successful partnerships between businesses and schools happen at a local level. Many businesses and schools have built up strategic and long term partnerships which have enabled them to work together to mutual benefit. We have highlighted a number of these throughout this report and developed a range of case studies:

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