Firstly, can I just say thank you to all our regular followers.  Amazingly we now get over 500 visitors a day to the blog!!

We haven’t set ourselves up to be the font of all knowledge with regard to Apprenticeships, Skills and Employability.  All we wanted to do was provide a service to the sector, where we scan the web and other channels of information for news, updates, comments and put it in one place so that you could find it easily and keep up to date with what is happening.

We could always do with more people looking at the blog, so please recommend us to your colleagues and see if they can get the same benefit as you do.  Also it is easy to follow the blog by clicking on the “Sign me up” button on the right.  This means that you will immediately get an update when anything is added to the blog so that you don’t miss a thing.  Also we have now got a twitter account which is @blogapprentice so again you can follow by clicking on the ‘follow’ button on the right of the blog.

Once again. thank you for your support and if you want to contribute to the blog, advertise what you are up to or just comment then please give us a shout. We will soon be doing a major update to the blog to make it more user friendly and a bit clearer to follow.  Alongside this update we will also be offering you the chance to sponsor or have regular advertising on the main page, so again please look out for this opportunity or contact us if you want further information.

Also, if you feel there is something useful that we could add to the blog to make it a better experience for you then please e-mail us at:

Thanks Again!

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