Pret a Manger Offers Apprenticeships To The Homeless

Sandwich chain Pret a Manger, looking to open 24 new shops throughout the UK this year, plus 20 in overseas locations, announced the creation of 550 jobs including an expanded apprenticeship scheme that includes homeless people.

“We plan to expand the Pret apprenticeship scheme for the homeless and increase the number of apprentices to 70 this year,” said Pret’s chief executive, Clive Schlee. “The scheme offers an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness by offering the most precious gift of all – a paid job in a lively social environment.”

Pret a Manger has been giving food and financial support to charities working with the homeless since the firm’s beginning in 1986.

It’s been calculated that they’ve given away over two million meals’ worth of unsold sandwiches and salads

Pret has always been looking for new ways to break the cycle of homelessness, and one of those ways is the apprenticeship scheme set up through the Pret Foundation Trust, giving apprentices with criminal records or who sleep on the streets “a clean slate” to start with, together with a clothing allowance to make sure they look the part for their job.

Apprentices receive training in their chosen field, and a dedicated mentor to help them throughout.

As far as payment is concerned, apprentices earn the same as other Pret workers, considerably more than the government-set minimum apprenticeship wage of £2.60 an hour, while travel costs are also covered.

Training lasts for three months, and at the end, if an apprentice has done well and there’s a full-time vacancy available, it will be offered.

Applications for apprenticeships can be arranged through those charities supported by Pret a Manger. Their contact details are on the Pret website.

Paul Champion
Strategic Project Manager

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