A remit to help young find work

A NOTTINGHAM training firm has pledged 20 apprentices to the Post’s 100 in 100 campaign, which aims to get more people in Notts working.

Remit Training works with about 5,400 apprentices across the UK in the motor industry, food, hospitality, IT and passenger transport sectors.

  1. Great start: Fidell Moran (16) is five months into a two-year mechanic apprenticeship at Redhill Service Centre, in Mansfield Road Nottingham.
    Great start: Fidell Moran (16) is five months into a two-year mechanic apprenticeship at Redhill Service Centre, in Mansfield Road Nottingham.

The Nottingham-based company says it is committed to supporting the Post’s 100 in 100 campaign and has pledged to create 20 apprenticeships across the county during the period of the campaign.

Recruitment manager Mick Pilling said: “Apprenticeships provide a future for young people that is well proven. All Remit’s apprentices are employed and paid from day one.

“Every vacancy we create has been done so in partnership with a company which intends to employ and pay the apprentice, throughout their training and beyond.

“As the training provider, we support both the apprentice and the employer to make sure the young people achieve their qualifications and are adding real value as an employee.”

He added: “We’re delighted to see the Post is showing its support for apprenticeships with its 100 in 100 campaign. It is our pledge to create 20 vacancies in Notts within the 100 days. I would urge anyone who’s interested, to contact us to find out what’s available near them.”

Sixteen-year-old Fidell Moran has always had an interest in working in the motor industry and is one of Remit’s successful apprentices.

While at Top Valley School, he took part in a foundation training programme for light-vehicle apprentices – a course not offered by many schools. He achieved a Light Vehicle Level 2 Technical Certificate, putting him a step nearer the NVQ Level 2 intermediate apprenticeship.

When he left school, he turned to Remit, and garage owner Nader Zakipour, of Redhill Service Centre, took him on as an apprentice. His manager, Chris Anderson, acts as his mentor, helping him apply some of the skills he learns in college, while a Remit assessor monitors his day-to-day work.

Chris said: “Fidell’s been with us since last summer straight out of school and his skills are improving all the time. By learning on the job, you not only pick up the technical skills, you also learn how to interact with customers and manage your workload.”

Fidell, of Top Valley, said: “I’m really enjoying earning and learning at the same time. If it weren’t for this apprenticeship, which I’ll be doing for another year, I don’t know what I would be doing now.

“I would encourage other young people who weren’t too keen on school to do one, too. I hope one day to be a mechanic and this apprenticeship is the way I’ll achieve that.”

Find out more about opportunities with Remit by calling 01623 410 020 or visiting the website

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