E.ON launches apprenticeship scheme

(UKPA) – 13 hours ago

Energy giant E.ON has announced a £100,000 package to start the recruitment of 100 young jobseekers into energy-efficient apprenticeships.

Unemployed people in England and Wales aged between 16 and 24 will be trained as external wall insulation installers, one of the skills needed to deliver the Government’s Green Deal energy efficiency programme.

Don Leiper, director of new business at E.ON, said: “Green Deal is about helping people to become more energy-fit at home, cutting their energy bills and carbon emissions.

“But it’s also about developing greater skills in our workforce and building up the capacity of smaller businesses to meet customers’ needs for the future.

“Our investment unlocks the potential to get young people into training and work but, more than that, it helps smaller business to gear up for Green Deal and invest in their staff with the confidence that contracts will be there for the longer term.”

E.ON’s investment will support the initial recruitment and training costs to get the scheme off the ground. Apprentices will earn a working wage from their employer throughout the 12 months of college, followed by on-the-job training.

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