Use it or lose it – the sad truth about training budgets

Employees inevitably account for the biggest chunk of many organisations’ budgets. They are also any organisation’s greatest asset.

The benefits of offering staff training and creating an environment which encourages self-development are well documented: better skilled employees have better morale, and people valued and cared for are more productive, more committed, and are more likely to stay.

Yet training budgets, and the “use it or lose it” attitude often applied to them, remain a soft target. Only the most naive employer will fail to recognise the importance of having a well trained workforce, but the return on investment is rarely seen in the short-term. When immediate savings are what you’re looking for, it is difficult to defend the associated expense.

The National Skills Academy for IT has, since Day 1, been determined to make training as easy and accessible as it is relevant and up-to-date. That it’s value-for-money is so obvious it’s irrelevant.

Because the Academy charges an annual subscription fee which gives your employees access to over 1000 courses, investing in group subscriptions means your employees’ training is free at the point-of-use.

The unique thing about subscribing to the National Skills Academy for IT, though, is that by doing so you are emancipating your employees, giving them control over their own destiny, ownership of their own skills and development.

You’re also making it easy for them. Whether, as is much discussed, attention spans are getting shorter or not, we are now used to consuming information, learning, data in much smaller chunks.

e-learning has come a long way and the resources offered by the National Skills Academy for IT are designed to suit modern patterns of work and modern learning styles. Learners can choose what, when and how much they study and can fit it around their day-to-day tasks. Not only that but you can access it quickly, easily and as you need it.

The kind of people who are going to take advantage of this opportunity are surely those exact same ones you want to keep: the ambitious, the self-starters, the organised and in-tune, the people who know the value they can add to you, their employer, by being better trained, better skilled.

A business is only as good as its employees. Hiring the best people you can is just the start of it. Especially in an industry which moves as quickly and as dramatically as technology, ensuring your people stay up to date, engaged and motivated is the only way your business will do the same.

by @aljwoods

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