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15yr old learner starts a business!

The innovative partnership between Sage and the International Association of Bookkeepers is the first of its kind and provides an enterprising new Qualifications and Credit Framework-listed and fundable accredited qualification.

This is an important partnership for employers. With a QCF accredited qualification an employer knows that the learner must have attained knowledge and understanding at that level to gain the certification. There are currently over 830,000 users of Sage in the UK, it is a skill that is in great demand and this is the first levelled accreditation.

The move brings accountancy into the 21st century as few business use pen and ink – but most accountancy qualifications major on that area. In particular the course will have appeal and relevance to younger learners – Find out about a 15yr old learner who started her own business.

photo of Bronwyn Wilson holding certificates

15-year-old entrepreneur Bronwyn Wilson recently obtained her qualifications after starting her own business

Sage and the IAB felt that together they could make a qualification which provided accounting knowledge combined with accounting skills. In this way the functionality the software has available could be applied to the knowledge and understanding gained.

In addition the extra functions a computerised accounting package can offer could be highlighted to be certain that a business has use of the latest features and can see how easy they are to use. Many businesses only partially use their accounting program and yet there are powerful functions available at their fingertips.

There are many bookkeeping courses available but no others combine accounting knowledge with the use of Sage 50 to give a totally unique and highly relevant accredited qualification jointly certified by both organisations. The learning materials available are constantly updated for any new release of the software so that learners and providers can be certain of gaining the most up-to-date knowledge available. In addition every learner is given a copy of Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2012*, which is the ‘Rolls Royce’ version of the Sage 50 range. (*time limited).

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