Apprentices point to a bright future

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FROM wave machines in Scotland, to fatigue tests for BAE’s world-class Nimrod, Point Engineering has used its expertise in a variety of high-profile projects.

Established in 2001, the company, based in Lee Smith Street, east Hull, was founded to provide quality mechanical and industrial engineering to the manufacturing, processing, distribution and energy markets.

  1. GUIDED: Point Engineering's Dan Taylor, left, and apprentice Ryan Richardson. Picture: Peter Harbour
    GUIDED: Point Engineering’s Dan Taylor, left, and apprentice Ryan Richardson. Picture: Peter Harbour

However, its initial success gave Point Engineering the confidence to apply its knowledge and expertise in new fields.

The firm now operates in marine environments and shipbuilding, as well as across diverse markets such as food storage and defence.

And helping the company to prepare for the future is a team of keen apprentices who are being guided on to the first step of their career ladder by Point’s experienced workforce.

Managing director Steve Norton said: “We are passionate about getting young people interested in engineering and giving them the training to help their career.

“I have been involved with Hull Training for about 15 years and avidly try to inspire schoolchildren about the possibilities of a career in engineering.

“We feel it is as much a benefit for our company as it is for the apprentices.”

Semta, the sector skills council for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies, yesterday released findings that showed East Yorkshire and the North East are offering more apprenticeships than other areas of the country.

The figures showed about a quarter of East Yorkshire employers operating in science, engineering and manufacturing technologies offer apprenticeships.

Nationally, this figure stands at 17 per cent.

The research also revealed that nearly half the total of engineering apprentices aged 25 and over in England are in the north.

Point Engineering, which has developed its own apprentice scheme in addition to providing numerous work experience places each year, employs five apprentices.

Mr Norton said: “We have people from school-leaving age up to around 18-years-old, but there is no reason we would not take on anyone above the age of 25.

“The reason many apprentices are younger is because by 25, people are more likely to have started their career and have families or mortgages, but we would be happy to look at apprentices of any age.”

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